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About Game —————— Now, It’s time to learn how to make slime maker & how you can play with slime making game. After playing this game you will learn how to make homemade slime with different variety of process. You can create slime like Glitter Slime, Unicorn Slime, Mack-Up Slime, Rainbow Glitter Slime, Simple Slime, Toy Slime, Mermaid Slime, Toilet Slime, Rainbow Slime, Halloween Slime, Chocolate Slime etc… This game highly satisfying slime making game to release daily stress and make some innovative objects. How to Play ? ——————— Each slime simulator process start with shopping the relative sliming like bowl, powders, floor, glitter, glue, shampoo, conditioner, foam cream, tissue paper, chocolate power, mermaid etc.. Collect the relative objects to the basket and start the process. Follow the hand indication instruction. Combine different textures, objects, and colors to make unique slime you loved. You will surely enjoy the process in which you learn different process of slime simulator games. You will stretching, squishy slime pressing, poking process to active your mind. Game contains different types of super slime make like : Glitter Slime,Unicorn Slime,Mack-Up Slime,Rainbow Glitter Slime,Simple Slime,Toy Slime,Mermaid Slime,Toilet Slime,Rainbow Slime,Halloween Slime,Chocolate Slime. Pick Anyone —————— You can choose from below: 1)Hand-Print You can play with your hand to stretching the slime 2)Finger-Tap You can playing with slime by finger. Game Features ——————— Qualitative Graphics and sound. Simple & User friendly controls. Good particles & effects. Best Animation. Have Fun ! Keep Playing !

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