CryptoKitties allows players to purchase, collect, breed and sell various types of virtual cats. Breed your rarest cats to create the purrfect furry friend. The future is meow!


Each CryptoKitty has a combination of “cattributes” that make it unique. These features come together to give each CryptoKitty a unique look and are stored as collectible non-fungible tokens. Some CryptoKitties have “mewtations,” which are rare cattributes. These CryptoKitties can be traded, sold, and purchased like any other digital asset. They can also be bred with another CryptoKitty to create a new kitty.

This collectible game represents one of the earliest attempts to deploy blockchain technology for recreational and leisurely purposes. Around the time of launch, CryptoKitties was so successful that it slowed the Ethereum network. The most expensive CryptoKitty ever purchased sold for $110,707 to a willing buyer. People have spent over $24 million on CryptoKitties.


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