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OrbitMI Connect from OrbitMI aggregates, amplifies and activates maritime data to help you manage your global fleet more efficiently, profitably and sustainability directly from your mobile device. Version 1.0 -Dashboard: View Port Comments, Vessels Approaching Port, Next Open Vessels, Vessel Distributions, Notifications, and Bunker Prices. -Fleet Dashboard: View fleet vessels and locate them on the map, filter by fleet, view the current TCE and the current reported world scale. -Map: Visualize global fleet data, laden and ballast status, historical and planned routes, weather conditions, and alert status. Filter by fleet and segment. View port details including, Bunker Price Vendors Additional Services Terminals Port Calls, and Comments. -Distance Calculator: Alter voyage plans for specific vessels. Set default speeds, incorporate weather factor, add or remove destinations, and set time in port. View voyage summaries, ETAs, steaming time, and bunker consumption and ROB. Visualize your new voyage data on a global map. -Notifications: Receive direct notifications for speed deviation, consumption deviation, ETA change, sire inspection, and CDI inspection -Fleet Overview: View the location, ETA, and ballast status of every ship in your fleet. Manage custom fleets and view the corresponding laden/ballast ratio, as well as historical trends. View bunker ROB and days of steaming time for every vessel in your fleet. -Position List: Access and filter your vessel position list by region and segment, as well as well as, Vessel Name Open Date Next Open Selected Port ETA Remaining Itinerary Last Sire Date, and Coating View last cargoes and internal notes, as well as Year Built, Deadweight, Capacity, and IMO class. Filter by company and isolate by region. -Market Intel: View market predictions for TCE as well as current and predicted World Scale Indexes. Use Converted WSP, WSP classifier, and Stacked classifier models, as well as direction, historical trends, historical prediction accuracy, and World Scale drivers. View current price and bunker trends in major ports around the world, and view vessel distribution between hemispheres. -Contact List: Keep track of all relevant contacts in one simple list.

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